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Wretham Road

Referred to as Thetford Way in the 16th century, this road leaves the village green by the Old School, passing on its right an area known as the Gatherings (the Old School play area) and on its left Beechwood House, a former Hall House which was originally Alms houses and has in recent years been a Laundry and was once a place of worship for the Latter Day Saints.

It is now a private house with an adjoining holiday cottage (Old School Cottage) that used to be the village Reading Room.
Two additional roads leave Wretham Road, one being the general access for Holy Trinity Church, the other the private access to Hockham Hall.

100 years ago this road had a wonderful avenue of trees, which were felled by Canadian Foresters for the first world war trenches.

On the side of the Wretham Road used to be the workshop and offices of Fred Fox the village photographer, some of who’s fabulous old photos are on this website.


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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