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Watton Road

It leaves the green along what used to be Watton Way or West End and in more recent times Breckles Road or Chapel Road.
This road has probably had more shops and businesses than any other road within the village.  The list runs from a farm, blacksmiths shop, bakery, butchers, two general stores, a co-operative stores, garage, tailor’s and a post office, as well as places like the new school, the Childrens Centre and the Methodist Chapel.  Today it can even boast a field of Christmas Trees, although sadly no shops.
The Methodist chapel was built in the late 1800’s paid for by village donations and fundraising.  It replaced a smaller barn at Puddledock Farm that was used as a chapel for a number of years.

Watton Road was the birthplace of Christopher Bush, the local author, who grew up in Home Cottage i(the first complete cottage in the photo above), before returning to the village many years later when he lived in Vicarage Road.


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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