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Harling Road

Originally known as Cokestole Lane, probably because Cokestole Pit was where the Village Cucking Stool (The Stool of Repentance) was located.  Sadly the pit’s location in now unknown.


Harling Road heads south east, and is also referred to locally as the Larling Road.


It has a number of older properties including Moat Farm whose name comes from the 13th century moated enclosure that stands in a field opposite, formerly one of the sites of the village manor house. This site was abandoned in the mid to late 1300’s almost certainly because of the Black Death (the Great Plague).

It has some wonderful old field names like Severals and the Waxes and has one village road leading from it. This road is now known as Little Hockham Lane, but was known in the 16th century as Warren Lane.  It led to the village Warren a large piece of land to the south of Harling Road that was also the site for one of the village windmills.


Harling Road is approached from the village from School Square, the site of the Old School and The Eagle public house.


It is the road on which the Village Hall (Edinburgh Hall built 1956-57) and the Village Playing Field now stand.  The Playing Field hosts the village music events (the 'Hockstock's), very important fundraisers on the village calendar.


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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