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Little Hockham Lane

This is now the road that leads to what is left of the village of Little Hockham and was previously known as Warren Lane, because it led to the village's large 13th and 14th century rabbit warren.


This lane was diverted to Little Hockham in the 1700’s by an official road order, as the owner of Hockham Hall did not want to have people walking and riding past his front door, where the original road called Churchbridge Lane, going to Little Hockham, was first located.


Little Hockham Lane has some of the more interesting village field and feature names along it, such as the Devil’s Pit, a field called Lammas (an old English day of celebration) and an area affectionately called Hills and Holes.  Other names such as Knights Fen and the Hospital Field, will make for more research in the future.


Alongside the Lammas you can stop and get a very good view of Hockham Hall and its park.  This was an 18th century design feature, as the viewpoint is on what used to be one of the Hall’s access routes called the Coach Road.


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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