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Village Centre

A local writer once stated that he had never seen so many roads radiating from the hour glass centre of a village as Great Hockham has.


On one half of the hourglass stands the Old School built, paid for and donated to the Village by Henry Partridge in 1832, whilst the other half is surrounded on two sides by some of the oldest buildings in the village.  This half is now known as Hockham Green but was previously called 'Market Hill', 'The Hill' or 'The Mound'.  It was the site for the market and fair granted by Henry lll in 1272.

The old names for the roads leaving the green give more intriguing information than the names of today, namely Cokestole Lane, Newport Street, West End, Long Lane and Back Lane to name but a few...


The Hockham Stone stands proudly on the green and it is also the site for the Village Maypole on Horn Fair day and the Village Christmas Tree in December.


The Village centre has changed very little in its layout since mediaeval times and is now a designated conservation area. 


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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