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Hockham Good Neighbour Scheme

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With the different times we are living in the residents of Hockham have got together to try and ensure that everyone in need knows there is local help at hand.


In an emergency you should still always dial 111, or 999 to get the emergency services, this does not change. 


However there are now other communication streams exclusively for the residents of Hockham Parish, with a team of healthy helpers organised and ready to try and help those that are vulnerable, or forced to self-isolate, whilst this disease is with us...


We have set up the following methods of communication;

  • A daytime phone line 07747 652907 (9am - 5pm)

  • This web page, which will be updated as the situation changes.


The email address or the phone should be used when someone who is self isolating, or vulnerable, has a problem they cannot deal with themselves and needs someone to assist them with something that they can no longer do themselves, from shopping to getting a prescription delivered. If in doubt please just ask!


Please don’t let this stop arrangements that you already have in place with family, friends, neighbours etc. this is not a replacement for that, it’s in addition to... but is designed to stop unecessary journeys, particularly to the surgery, or pharmacy where they are trying to minimise visitors.

To reduce the number of phone calls we would ask you to email your problem, but if email is not your cup of tea then don't hesitate just dial the daytime phone number above.


Once you have requested assistance the Hockham Good Neighbour system will kick in, most of our helpers have access to a WhatsApp group, so your individual request can be eaily dealt with by the group of helpers.



We already have a number of people who have advised they can help, but the more help we can get the better! 


If you would like to join the helpers, then please email giving your name, mobile phone number and email address.  


A coordinator will then send you the details of joining as a helper, which will include a vetting procedure, which we have to do to ensure every volunteer is genuine. There will also be a set of rules, which we will need to adhere to.  If you don’t have a smart phone that can run WhatsApp, but still want to help, still please offer, but just let us know that in your email.


Welcome to Great Hockham, a picturesque village situated in the heart of Norfolk's countryside

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